Another one of those days

This season has been one of the worst seasons that i can remember for weather postponements in non league football. There have been countless delays to games causing a  huge back up of fixtures to many teams in the Combined Counties League, a league that I follow and whose grounds you will most likely find me hovering at at some point.

Today was another one of those days. Heavy rain forecast again meant that many of the days fixtures were in doubt and as I woke up this morning and looked out of the window onto the world below, I knew that we were in danger of having the days fixture cancelled. No one ever wants a fixture cancelled and today that sentiment was amplified a thousand times. Today was a CCL Division 1 clash between Westfield FC and Frimley Green FC who are topping the table. Westfield are a point behind Frimley and have a game in hand so to say that a lot hung on this game is an understatement and a half.

When I arrived at Westfield after an impassioned please for buckets and brooms from the club I knew that things were not going to end well. The pitch was under more water than i have ever seen and despite it being firm underneath the surface water, there was simply nowhere for it to go. Lakes ran down the sidelines and the middle of the pitch, though covered with tarpaulin’s wasn’t looking good either.

Lots of frustrated discussions took place about the best way to tackle it and waiting for the rain to stop. It didn’t. In short we had to admit defeat. There was simply nothing that we could do to clear the pitch and make it playable and the rain, still falling, was giving us no chance. The referee arrived at 12 and the look on his face said it all. Match abandoned and another fixture to be re arranged for a midweek night game under floodlights  no doubt. Now we wait and see.

I trudged home with the only photos I have taken all day being of various people at the club trying to fold away tarpaulins in the high winds. Its been a very frustrating day for all concerned at Westfield and clubs like them up and down the country. As far as I am aware the only two games that went ahead in my area today were a match at Spelthorne and the Blue Square game at Woking which they won 5-2. Not only are we leagues apart in terms of football leagues but we are also poles apart in terms of games. Woking FC are literally across the road from Westfield and while they played a 5-2 thriller today, we all sat at home wondering if the rain was ever going to allow us to finish the season off.

Westfield v Frimley POSTPONED--2.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6289.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6290.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6297.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6302.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6304.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6317.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6321.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6327.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6334.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6338.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6345.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6360.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6371.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6376.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6407.jpgWestfield v Frimley POSTPONED-6409.jpg

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